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what is GPW

Gas pressure welding (GPW) and gas pressure weld process is a welding process from the sub-branches of oxyacetylene welding, which heat from gas fuel with hydraulic pressure causes intermolecular bonding in the rebar and creates a very strong and secure connection. The strength of this method in terms of metallurgy and welding engineering is the absence of intermediate material such as electrode or welding wire or welding powder and the two pieces are welded to each other without another material, which reduces the effective parameters and ease of welding.

Other strengths are the lack of electricity and the effect of voltage and amps in this process, which makes the gas pressure welding a convenient process. It should be noted that due to the convenience and ease of this welding process, the need for a valid certificate of proficiency in this work is very important. For operators of the gas welding method, there are three levels of training. At the beginning and at the beginning of the work, the rebar welding operator, after passing practical and theoretical trainings in the GPW school and passing the exam, receives مدرک پایه 3

With this GPW certificate, فوجینگ کارis allowed to weld rebars up to size 22, and after at least 3 months of operation and submitting work documents, pictures and videos of his projects, he has participated in the پایه 2 test and is also allowed to weld rebars of size 25 and 28. Turns. Finally, after 6 months from the beginning of the work and with the final test, a GPW welder can receive a پایه certificate and certification and also weld size 32 rebars.

In any project, the employer or his representative or the supervising engineer must request a certificate appropriate to the size of the rebars in the project from the forging work and check its validity date. Note that the operator who has the certificate must personally operate perform rebar welding.

Grading table of GWP operators

Certificate rating (پایه)

Size of permitted welding rebars


16/18/20/22 sizes


16/18/20/22/25/28 sizes


16/18/20/22/25/28/30 sizes

It should be noted that the technology of gas pressure welding of rebar in other countries has also flourished.


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