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The first specialized training course of gas safety tips for gas rebar welding
In coordination with Tehran Construction Engineering Organization and Structural Engineering Company of Structural Test Steel and Welding Technical and Vocational academy, the first specialized training course on safety tips for gas rebar welding by GPW method was successfully held at the forging training course.  
Attendance of Structure Test Steel Company in the conference of earthquake and crisis management in July 2022
With the help of Mr. Gholizadeh, Mr. Arbabi and Mr. Golestani, good colleagues of Structure Test Steel Engineering Company in the center of North Khorasan Province, on the anniversary of Manjil and Rudbar earthquakes, a conference entitled Earthquake and Crisis Management on 31 June and 1 July 2022 in Bojnourd It was held that the representative of Structure Test Steel Engineering Company set up an exhibition and a forging practical training workshop next to this conference.
Safety points of GPW
With the increasing GPW (Gas pressure welding) in various civilian training and construction projects, accurate and principled competence by the agencies related to basic training on how to work and safety and improving the knowledge of technicians and construction operators in this industry is essential. Which provides some of this information for
Localization of gas pressure welding of rebar
The process of rebar welding  was first invented in 1952 for use in the rail transport industry in Japan. With the increase of urban constructions and high-rise construction, attention to retrofitting, more strength and maintaining the life and financial security of people using this type of connection has become important and due to its high safety factor and cost reduction, rebar head welding has become serious. Became the field of housing construction. In this method, instead of the old method of stacking and overlapping the rebar, the two ends of the rebar are connected to each other stronger and safer by applying controlled heat and pressure.
Advantages of making bolted steel frame
The execution speed of structures with bolted joints is higher and fully tangible than welded joints, and the construction time of bolted structures is less than structures with welded joints, and due to the high duration of our country's projects, this The type of structures is suggested to reduce construction time.
Steps of steel structure manufacturing in the factory
Assume we want to execute a steel structure project, the first step of execute contains a building proper foundation, almost same in all projects, but before explaining of building a foundation it should be noted first, we must set up foundation plans on ground and for setting up accurately, the necessary details must be specified in the plans.
What is the allowable distance between GPW welds?
Ga pressure welding of rebar is one of the new methods for connecting construction rebars in Iran, which has been studied by the Building and Housing Research Center since 2009 and implemented and implemented by Structural Test Steel Engineering Company as the founder of this technology in Iran.
History and acquaintance with rebar
Rebar or steel reinforcement used in concrete to compensate for its low tensile strength. The steel used for this purpose in reinforced concrete structures is in the form of wire or rebar and is called rebar steel.
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